Sept/Oct 2003
Trade Talk - Page 36

Meantime, Andrew Valdez, a member of Carpenters local 713 in Alameda County, Calif, has just introduced several new clear-Lexan jigs for door hangers.
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June 2004
Our new website is up and running. To purchase our line of products contact one of our Sales Representatives

We have designed a new line of products for door frame and door hardware installers to save time in their work and increase precision with less effort. They improve productivity for the contractor and reduce frustration for the installer. The products are made of light weight Lexan plastic that is easy to work with -- no more blind side layouts in hope of having the holes line up on both sides of the door.

      • Door frame and Door hardware Installers
        • Save Time
        • Increased Precision
        • Improved Productivity
        • Reduced Frustration

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